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ASIT Beam SBECTD summary data

Deployed at about 4m below the surface at the air-sea interaction tower

Contact hsosik@whoi.edu to use these data.

Most of the data parameters include valus for the mean and median value as well as the standard deviation of the variable. The table below shows the field name suffix used to differentiate amoung the different values:

Field name Description
_mean The mean value of the variable over the averaging period
_m50 The median value of the variable over the averaging period
_std The standard deviation of the variable over the averaging period
_length The number of valid data points collected over the averaging period

Here is the list of field names:

Field name Description Units
Year The year the data were collected n/a
Yday Decimal year day UTC, January 1 at 00:00 is 1.0
MO The month the data was collected UTC
DA The day the data were collected UTC
HH The hour the data were collected UTC
MM The minute the data were collected UTC
SS The second the data were collected UTC
lrec_ctd Total number of records collected during averaging period n/a

Mounted horizontally across the beams near the inside of the south leg of the ASIT; facing downward between the beams.

No pump is installed.

Instrument Serial Number Date Deployed Date Retreived Cal date
37si35147-3437 9/3/2004 9/9/2005
37si35147-3437 5/8/2006 9/18/2006 1/24/2006
37si35147-3437 9/27/2006 2/28/2007 1/24/2006
37si35147-3437 12/13/2007 7/9/2008 4/4/2007
37si35147-3437 7/31/2008 10/24/2008 4/4/2007
37si51889-6448 10/24/2008 7/14/2009 8/26/2008
37si51889-3437 7/14/2009 5/11/2010 4/4/2007
37si51889-6448 5/11/2010 8/26/2008 (inhouse 1/25/2010)
37si35174-3437 11/16/2010 ?/??/????

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