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VaiPTU summary data

These meteorological observations are taken from the met mast located at South Beach at 12m above sea-level.

When data are available, they are used to generate the MetDat_s summaries.

Here is the list of field names:

Field name Description Units
Year The year the data were collected
Yday Decimal year day UTC, January 1 at 00:00 is 1.0
MO The month the data was collected UTC
DA The day the data were collected UTC
HH The hour the data were collected UTC
MM The minute the data were collected UTC
SS The second the data were collected UTC
lrec_vaiptu Total number of records collected during averaging period n/a
T_air_vaiptu_mean Mean Air temperature Degrees Centigrade (°C)
Rel_Hum_vaiptu_mean Mean Relative humidity Percent (%)
Press_air_vaiptu_mean Mean Atmospheric pressure Millibars
T_air_vaiptu_median Median Air temperature Degrees Centigrade (°C)
Rel_Hum_vaiptu_median Median Relative humidity Percent (%)
Press_air_vaiptu_median Median Atmospheric pressure Millibars
T_air_vaiptu_std Standard Deviation of Air temperature Degrees Centigrade (°C)
Rel_Hum_vaiptu_std Standard Deviation of Relative humidity Percent (%)
Press_air_vaiptu_std Standard Deviation of Atmospheric pressure Millibars
T_air_vaiptu_len Record length of valid Air temperature Temp between -25 and 35*
Rel_Hum_vaiptu_len Record length of valid Relative humidityRH between 0 and 110*
Press_air_vaiptu_len Record length of valid Atmospheric pressure P between 870 and 1100*

* data also cleaned up after range check by removing outliers (4*std from the mean)

8/4/2005 - Used MC Clements Tree Service cherry picker to remove anemometer sn#145 and install sn#6.

Swapped out the wand on the vaiptu as the old one was not working

Replaced wand 10/23/2012 - but didn't work properly (temps too high); reseated 11/5/2012

Vaisala Model PTU200AAB1AB Serial#V1830001
Wand Serial# V1130014

Replaced wand 11/20/2012 -

Vaisala wand V1130014 was not reporting temperature or humidity. No sign of damage. Swapped out wand and installed V263005. Wand V1130014 works ok in my office. New wand worked for a while but then Temp too low - shut down data flow and MetDat uses shore lab for now.

Replaced wand 5/22/2013 (no details)

as part of routine maintenance.

Vaisala Wand replaced 9/30/2015 (sf)
VaiPTU Vaisala wand removed V1130014: VaiPTU Vaisala wand installed: A3010001

4/30/2017 - new model of vaisala was installed
The baud rate is 9600 and runs on 12 volts.
Serial Number: M0330391
The order code is PTU300 71G3B0AAAA1A0A1BBB0B0A.
It was last calibrated on February 1 2016.