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Ocean summary data

The file contains variables from the core instrument data sets (ADCP/SBECTD/PAROS). For example, the tide data are from the PAROS but have mean pressure removed (estimated from long timeseries). Other parameters are not adjusted but are collected to provide a simple picture of the ocean state (only mean data instead of mean, median, std and only surface/bottom currents instead of profiles).

Here is the list of field names:

Field name Description Units
Year The year the data were collected n/a
Yday Decimal year day UTC, January 1 at 00:00 is 1.0
MO The month the data was collected UTC
DA The day the data were collected UTC
HH The hour the data were collected UTC
MM The minute the data were collected UTC
SS The second the data were collected UTC
wave_height Significant wave height meters
wave_period Wave period seconds
wave_dir Dominant wave direction from North True Degrees
temp_adcp_mean Water Temperature Deg C
vel1_adcp_mean Bottom Current cm/s
vel1_adcp_dir Bottom Current Direction Degrees towards from North True
vel2_adcp_mean Near Surface Current cm/s
vel2_adcp_dir Near Surface Current Direction Degrees
tide_paros Pressure - air_pressure - nominal depth meters
water_temp_ctd Water Temp (redundancy) DegreesC
salinity_ctd Salinity PSU

NOTE: Tide data is from the PAROS with an offset applied. Below is the offsets applied to obtain tides (typically change slightly after the swap out to get a new mean):
% if <2002211* use 11.72
% if >2002210 use 11.82
% if >2006236 use 11.68 (added service tray)
% if >2009245 use 11.29 (turned it over on its side so should be deeper?)
% if > 2010292 use 11.29 - 0.43 (11.72)
% if after 2011158.6111 use 11.33 (??
% if after 2014274.833333 used 11.87

*2002211 is yday 211 of year 2002

NOTE2: ctd data before 2002109 were from the YSI; After that they were from a SBE37 (SBECTD or CTD2).

PAROS not working after 2016 deployment - Starting 9/27/16 switched tide to ADCP pressure gauge and there is air-pressure correction, as is the case when there is PAROS and air-pressure available

Moved tide data source back to PAROS (8/2-84 was from the ADCP before I remembered to swap back to the PAROS