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Ocean summary data

Here is the list of field names:

Field name Description Units
Year The year the data were collected n/a
Yday Decimal year day UTC, January 1 at 00:00 is 1.0
MO The month the data was collected UTC
DA The day the data were collected UTC
HH The hour the data were collected UTC
MM The minute the data were collected UTC
SS The second the data were collected UTC
wave_height Significant wave height meters
wave_period Wave period seconds
wave_dir Dominant wave direction from North True Degrees
temp_adcp_mean Water Temperature Deg C
vel1_adcp_mean Bottom Current cm/s
vel1_adcp_dir Bottom Current Direction Degrees towards from North True
vel2_adcp_mean Near Surface Current cm/s
vel2_adcp_dir Near Surface Current Direction Degrees
tide_paros Pressure - air_pressure - nominal depth meters
water_temp_ysictd Water Temp (redundancy) DegreesC
salinity_ysictd Salinity PSU