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ASIT FOG horn (visibility) summary data

The foghorn is installed on a tower on the air-sea interaction tower platform approximately 14 meters above sea level. The term Visibility is a function of the true visibility - but the unit has not been calibrated to provide meaningful units

Here is the list of field names:

Field name Description Units
Year The year the data were collected n/a
Yday Decimal year day UTC, January 1 at 00:00 is 1.0
MO The month the data was collected UTC
DA The day the data were collected UTC
HH The hour the data were collected UTC
MM The minute the data were collected UTC
SS The second the data were collected UTC
nrecsTotal number of records collected during averaging period (based on FogLevels) n/a
Vis_mean The mean value of the fog sensorcounts
Vis_std The standard deviation of the fog sensorcounts
Alarm_onMean Alarm (on=1/off=1)n/a
AlarmThreshold The threshold for alarm mode (counts)counts
TemperuatureThe temperature (degC) of the fog sensorDegrees Celcius
Vbattery The input battery voltage (V)Volts

NOTE: Was gathered in EST until 11/23/2010 1:20 EST